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White Buffalo, Inc.
is committed to further understanding causes and
solutions to wildlife/human conflicts.  We will continue to assess alternative
management techniques for a variety of species.

We have a 100% success rate for deer reduction programs.  To date,
WHITE BUFFALO, INC. personnel have removed over 9,000 deer.  As a
result of these programs more than 200,000 pounds of venison have
been donated to various food shelters.

WHITE BUFFALO, Inc. is well versed and experienced in the use of various equipment and technologies (i.e., drop-nets, rocket-nets, dart guns, firearms) and is fully capable of providing any of the services outlined below:

  • Site evaluation and consultation
    Initial consultations are conducted to provide site-specific cost and
    feasibility assessments for all management/research options.  In addition,a comprehensive report can be prepared that details all organizational aspects (social, legal, and technical) necessary for implementation of any management technique.

  • Population estimates
    We can conduct estimates of population size using helicopter snow counts, spotlight surveys, or mark/re-sight techniques.

  • Capture for marking and collection of biological data
    We are experienced and fully equipped to provide capture services or work collaboratively on research projects.

  • Applied contraception research
    We are actively involved in assessing the feasibility of population control using anti-fertility agents. We will activily integrate contraceptive technologies when they become available for management (i.e. EPA registered).

  • Sharpshooting and Managed Hunts
    WBI can provide sharpshooting training and/or implement programs with our experienced staff.  As part of the training process we fully design the program, specify equipment requirements, and train
    participants in sharpshooting methods. We also design, organize,
    and oversee suburban hunting programs.

  • Capture and euthanasia
    Under some circumstances, because of firearm discharge restrictions or because it may be considered more appropriate, deer can be captured and euthanized.

Managed Hunting

Site Evaluation and Consultation

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