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Steve Timm

Dane Stevens

Wildlife Biologist

Dane joined the WBI team full time in 2016.  He received a BS degree in Environmental Science from The Colorado College where he studied the changing economic opportunities available to rural communities adjacent to large-scale hydroelectric development projects in the Patagonia region of Chile.  Dane then went on to gain a M.S. degree in Natural Resources from the University of Idaho in 2012 where he was focused on the ecological restoration of watersheds.  In this capacity, he carried out ecological monitoring of riparian and rangelands ecosystems adjacent to an extensive spring creek restoration in central Idaho, both establishing baseline data sets, as well as quantifying the effects of cattle exclusion and the subsequent return of elk on the recruitment of riparian cottonwood tree stands. Having spent many years living and working as part of small teams in remote locations, Dane enjoys the challenge of carrying out projects in tough field conditions and brings this passion to all his work with White Buffalo.

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