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Board of Directors


We are a small but mighty organization of wildlife biologists, environmental scientists, and veterinarians. We work odd hours, travel too much, and work on incredible projects.

Join our team

We welcome employment inquiries from motivated wildlife professionals, veterinarians, and those interested in working within the conservation field. Before inquiring, please carefully consider the following conditions.


Our project philosophy requires full attention to detail and we are unwilling to accept average performance and results. Instead, we strive to set the standard and innovate new methods within our discipline. This requires working as a cohesive team unit in close quarters in both mentally and physically demanding conditions for long durations. The nature of the projects necessitates that staff be away from home for weeks or months at a time. Our work is not comfortable and not for everyone. But for those who thrive in these settings, it is extremely rewarding.


Physical strength and endurance are particularly important attributes, as our work requires carrying heavy loads in challenging conditions, ranging from hot jungle to cold northern environments. Firearms and large animal capture experience is highly desired.


Interested candidates should submit a current resume and a brief cover letter highlighting team management experience, firearms experience, discipline-related experience, and technical field skills. Also, discuss lifestyle compatibility with long field seasons that require several months away from home, and long-term career goals.


Please direct inquiries or application packages to Dr. Jason Boulanger via email at

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