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Point Reyes

Our Work

White Buffalo Inc. has provided effective professional services with highly trained personnel.
We've worked across a variety of locations and led many types of wildlife programs. 

​We've got great references and an exceptional track record.  We work to be as transparent as possible and are happy to educate, consult and aid in any way needed.  In our field work, we strive to meet or exceed expectations of all involved parties, including state agencies and law enforcement.  Our International efforts have focused on collaborative research, project design and planning, and training initiatives.  We have been involved in several introduced vertebrate eradication programs to restore the natural species composition.  White Buffalo Inc. has a long track record and field experience that is unparalled.  Please reach out if you have questions or need help.  


Deer Management


We have spent the last 19 years committed to improving both technology and techniques to maximize safety, humaneness and efficiency for the management of white-tailed deer.  Our commitment ensures safe use of equipment and humane treatment of the animal.  We have extensive experience in both lethally removing and capturing deer in a variety of human occupied environments without incident.  


  • Population estimates in Connecticut, New Jersey, Missouri, New York, Rhode Island, Indiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania, California, Montana, and Iowa.

  • Capture programs in Ohio, Massachusetts, New York, Indiana, Connecticut, Maryland, North Carolina, and Michigan.

  • Fertility control programs in Connecticut, New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, California, Missouri, New York, and Delaware. 

  • Population reduction programs in Connecticut, Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, New York, Maryland, Missouri, and Delaware.

  • Managed hunts in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

  • Eradication programs in Maine and California. 



International Research and Management Projects


Protecting ecosystems in far away places:

  • Botswana:  Assisted the Denver Zoological Society in capturing vultures to study their ecology and to determine causes of their decline.  Vultures were captured with remotely launched nets and GPS units were attached.

  • Japan:  Consulted for the Japanese Ministry to establish a program to address Sika deer overpopulation issues.  Designed a management and training program for government and university biologists.

  • Mongolia:  Assisted the Denver Zoological Society and the Mongolian Academy of Sciences in capturing threatened Argali Sheep.  The intent of the research is to study Argali ecology and to determine the feasibility of repopulating areas where numbers have declined.  Argali were remotely captured with darting equipment and drive nets, and radio-collars were attached.

  • Bhutan:  Consulted for the Bhutan Ministry of Agriculture and the Bhutan Trust Fund to assess techniques and equipment used for wild pig control. We trained staff and designed a research program to evaluate management options.

  • Galapagos National Park, Ecuador: Participated in an international workshop to design a program for the eradication of feral goats on Isabela Island.



Invasive/Introduced Species Eradication Projects


We've seen great results from our island projects.  It is very rewarding to see native species bounce back, and the ecosystem return to its normal state.

  • Channel Island National Park, Santa Rosa Island, California: Successfully completed an island-wide non-native ungulate (mule deer and elk) eradication program.  

  • Desecheo Island, Puerto Rico: Participated in an island-wide removal of invasive species.  

  • Point Reyes National Seashore, California: Conducted a Park-wide non-native deer (Fallow and Axis deer) eradication program.  We first implemented an EPA pivotal study using the GonaCon vaccine on 80 female Fallow deer.  Deer were then live-trapped followed by euthanasia to reduce large group sizes.  

  • Santa, Cruz, California: Assisted in an island-wide feral pig eradication program.  

  • Santa, Cruz, California: Implemented in an island-wide turkey eradication program.  

  • Catalina Island, California: Participated in an island-wide feral pig and goat eradication program.  

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