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Hunter Orientation

Managed Hunts

White Buffalo Inc. can effectively plan and oversee public hunts as a deer management option.
We will work with you to meet your goals while working with recreational hunters.

Managed Hunts

Our team of project managers has combined experience of over 50 years designing and implementing managed hunts in sensitive suburban settings.  Our strategic approach has been published in books and articles and used successfully in many states and suburban environments.

Traditionally, sportsmen have hunted for food and recreation. To satisfy that interest, many areas have chosen to either manage deer for high densities, large antlers (trophy deer) or both.  Many hunters will not harvest does on a given property in the hopes that “doe sanctuaries” will attract bucks during the rut or mating season. Considering what some hunters may be looking for in a quality recreational experience, traditional approaches to hunting are understandable.

In contrast to the above scenario, many communities desire significantly lower deer densities to address public safety, human health, and biodiversity concerns related to deer overabundance.  In these situations, it is critical that cooperating hunters put aside recreational hunting interests, and make a shift towards meaningful deer reduction.  Hunters that are willing and enthusiastic about helping a landowner or community reduce deer numbers will embrace managed hunting. Skillful, responsible and cooperative hunters, as part of a thoughtful and organized deer reduction plan, can play an important role in suburban deer management.

Managed hunters are screened for skill, responsibility, and cooperation.  In addition, in some circumstances hunters can be trained in specific skills to maximize efficiency and ensure the long-term viability of a program.  Managed hunts require that hunters abide by strict rules, carefully follow protocols and landowner specific stipulations, attend meetings, collect data, and harvest female deer.  Clearly, managed hunting is not suitable for most hunters, but for those that participate, the pride in serving the community is a tremendous reward.


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