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Site Consultation

Site consultations provide cost and feasibility analysis for management and research options.
Consultations will give you a roadmap to aid in the decision-making process. 

We will prepare a comprehensive report that details all organizational aspects (social, legal and technical) necessary for the implementation of any management technique.  We can help you understand potential hurdles and the best management option given your situation.


There are a variety of variables that must be considered to determine feasibility and

the cost of management options:


•  Deer population size, density and distribution

•  Relative herd health

•  Approachability of individual animals

•  Alternative food resources

•  Techniques permitted by State and landholder

•  Legal constraints

•  Equipment selection

•  Total management area

•  Latitude

•  Human population, distribution and activity patterns

•  Housing Density

•  Access – private vs. public; road network, etc.


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