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Our Services

Our extensive experience working with many communities has given us great perspective.
As part of our nonprofit status, we share all research and data collected through our offerings.   

White Buffalo Inc.'s extensive experience includes site evaluations, project planning, fertility control, and training. To date, we have performed surgical sterilizations on over 500 deer, tested contraceptive vaccines on well over 1,000 and lead many successful removal programs. As a result of these deer management programs, more than 200,000 pounds of venison were donated to various food shelters. White Buffalo Inc. can help you find a solution that is right for your community.  


We are well-versed and experienced in the use of various equipment and technologies, and are fully capable of providing any of the services outlined below:


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  • Site Consultation

Initial consultations are conducted to provide site-specific cost and feasibility assessments for all management/research options.  Also, a comprehensive report is prepared that details all organizational aspects (social, legal, and technical) necessary for the implementation of any management technique.  

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  • sUAS (drone) & Other Population Estimates

White Buffalo Inc. conducts estimates of population size using sUAS (i.e., "drone") surveys, helicopter snow counts, spotlight surveys, camera surveys, or mark/resight techniques.  We also can advise you on the best approach to estimate your local deer population through the assessment of local variables.
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  • Browse Impact Assessments

White Buffalo Inc. can provide science-based deer browse surveys to assess direct deer impacts on native forests and vegetation in community natural areas. 
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  • Public Engagement

White Buffalo Inc. can design and implement public mail- or internet-based surveys and focus groups to assess community social carrying capacity for possible deer management options.
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  • Wildlife Capture

White Buffalo Inc. is experienced and fully equipped to provide capture services for marking and collection of biological data, or work collaboratively on research projects.
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  • Fertility Control Research

We are actively involved in assessing the feasibility of population control using a spectrum of anti-fertility methods, including surgical sterilization and fertility control vaccines. We will actively integrate contraceptive technologies when they become available for management (i.e. EPA registered).
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  • Managed Hunts

White Buffalo Inc. can design, organize, and oversee suburban hunting programs for deer management to ensure objectives are met in a timely, incident-free manner.  
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  • Sharpshooting

White Buffalo Inc. has led the discipline for nearly two decades and can provide sharpshooting services with our experienced staff.  Our success rate for meeting deer management program objectives and impeccable safety record speaks for itself, and we continue to innovate on ways to improve efficiency with continued consideration for the animal.
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  • Professional Firearm Training and Hunter Training

White Buffalo Inc. can provide sharpshooting training to bring personnel to a professional level before deer management field activities are initiated to ensure operations are safe, humane, discreet, and efficient.  As part of the training process, we fully design the program, specify equipment requirements, and train participants in sharpshooting methods.  We also train volunteer hunters to be valued contributors to suburban hunting programs.
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