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Wildlife Capture

Capture for marking and biological data collection is a core component of wildlife research.  
White Buffalo Inc. has extensive experience with a variety of species and capture methods.

Capturing animals properly requires tremendous experience and planning, the right equipment, and patience.  Every animal that is captured is the responsibility of the capture team, and extreme care must be taken to ensure humane and safe handling practices. Not only do you need to be thoroughly knowledgeable of the equipment, but sensitive to the behavior of each species.  Also, familiarity with a wide variety of data collection methods is a must.


White Buffalo Inc. has a full complement of capture equipment and has worked around the world handling everything from hedgehogs, badgers, vultures, and Argali sheep in Mongolia to wild pigs in California and Bhutan.  We have used net guns out of helicopters, drop nets and rockets nets (including the compressed air-powered Netblaster).  We specialize in the use of remote immobilization equipment and have trained many professionals in this discipline.  We work with local veterinarians or use our veterinary partners if animals need to be anesthetized.

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