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Mongolia - Argali Release


We sponsor, support and conduct scientific research and educational efforts to improve the understanding of natural resource management for the purpose of conservation. 

As a nonprofit, our approach is unique, in that we generate funding for conservation research by providing our services to various communities.  Our focus is to use our extensive background and professional relationships to solve problems while simultaneously searching for new solutions.  We are eager to share our findings and to teach students, volunteers, and other professionals.


Conservation Programs


We volunteer our time for a variety of field projects locally and internationally.  We've helped capture Argali sheep in Mongolia, vultures in Botswana and are heading to Peru to help with a research program this Fall.  We donate time, skills and materials to efforts that give government agencies a better understanding of wildlife's needs around the world. These are on-the-ground conservation efforts that help species gain more protections and help us better understand their needs.


Research Programs and Publications


We are deeply dedicated to further understanding causes and finding win-win solutions to

wildlife/human conflicts.  We always welcome partnerships and collaborative research projects

to maximize the insights that can be gathered.


Dr. DeNicola works with a student on deer aging

Educational Programs


We are committed to sharing our findings and experiences with students, colleagues, and the public.  Dr. DeNicola has served as a committee member for graduate students, is extensively published, and has presented at a variety of conferences, seminars, and training programs.  He has trained biologists in the capture and humane euthanasia techniques, taught many students how to capture and shared his field knowledge broadly with countless students.  Also, he has he has volunteered his time with numerous communities and landowners, helping them understand the problems associated with an overabundance of deer and counseling them on how to best address these problems.  


For more information on our Educational Programs please Contact Us.

Dr. DeNicola works with graduate student, Charles Evans, on deer aging.

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