White Buffalo Inc. is dedicated to the conservation of native species and ecosystems.

Fairfax City needed a solution to address landowner concerns about deer conflicts. They had considered archery hunting, but for a variety of reasons, the City Council voted against it.  Local animal advocates from Humane Deer Management, Pets Limited and Wildlife Rescue Inc., stepped in and arranged a meeting with White Buffalo Inc. and the city administration. After much discussion, the City Council voted to permit our team to conduct sterilization research in the City of Fairfax, VA.  We felt like it was an ideal project, the deer densities weren't too high, and it was a good model for stabilizing an existing herd. Over the last five years, we have developed a field method for deer sterilization and are evaluating the local population impacts in several suburban areas, so it was great to have a new community to bring into the study.


After two decades of research on immunocontraceptive vaccines, it has become apparent that it is very costly to treat animals on multiple occasions.  At best, birth control vaccines need to be administered at least two times in an animal's life. Each capture costs more as the animals become increasingly savvy. The sterilization technique adds approximately 25% to the total cost of the initial capture, and an animal only needs to be handled once. This technique reduces overall program cost for a community and reduces stress on the animal by eliminating the need for recapture. While this solution may not be right for every community and situation, it is a method that has promise in a variety of areas and can be combined with other management approaches.

White Buffalo Inc. needs volunteers for field projects across the country and internationally. We have a focused need for biologists, students, veterinary technicians, veterinarians and field support to help. Please reach out, let us know you are interested and how you'd like to help.

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We have unparalleled experience across a variety of deer management techniques.  White Buffalo Inc. and Dr. Anthony DeNicola can advise you on the best solution for your deer management concerns. We can help assess your situation, collaborate on potential solutions, and bring our expertise to bear to help ensure an optimal outcome.

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Review our current business portfolio and the breadth of peer-reviewed publications supported by our work.  We offer our services and support on-going research to advance the wildlife discipline. Dr. DeNicola's resume and his background are extensive in this arena.


Here's a good primer on deer management from Dr. DeNicola: "Managing White-Tailed Deer in Suburban Environments."


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White Buffalo Inc. offers a variety of courses ranging from sterilization training and remote immobilization to capture and sharpshooting.  We are developing a series of professional training courses.  Sign up for our email newsletter and we will notify you of the schedule.


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White Buffalo Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that was established in 1996 and is dedicated to the conservation of native species and ecosystems. Our approach is unique, in that we generate funding for conservation research and education through our services -- wildlife management alternatives in non-traditional settings.


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